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We are a highly motivated group, and we guarantee that one of our principles will be involved with each of the projects on which we are engaged, and we provide quality products with manufacturing services.



Our philosophy is to concentrate on a few selected projects at a time and thereby ensure that all of our design schemes are fully developed and resolved. We endeavor to produce innovative solutions, which are tailored to suit our individual clients, and whilst we offer creative proposals our projects reflect a cost conscious, realistic and practical approach to design which can be summarized as ”QUALITY NOT QUANTITY”.



We offer the benefit of our expertise at all stages of a project, from the selection of appropriate premises, to the co-ordination of relocation. Most specifically we are able to offer professional services, depending upon the client’s needs.



We enhance our O.E.M & O.D.M business in the creative design products especially the home accessory items and furnishings by providing our customers with optimal manufacturing solutions in balance factors of the requirement for their markets and we protect the copyrights and privacy of our overseas O.E.M & O.D.M customers by keeping all the blueprints and documents of projects in confidentiality.


Significant time saving can be achieved during the initial design development phases of this project by use of our 3D software and CAD system. Once design development has been completed, the following layouts can be generated :


    .3Ds Max

    .Rhinoceros 3D

    .CAD System

    .Artwork illustration

    .Perspective Drawing

    .Product Frame Drawing

    .Furniture Layouts

    .Electrical and Communications Outlets

    .Ceiling Plans

    .Full set working drawing


Technological Design
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